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Regular Maintenance Of Injection Molding Machine Specification
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Daily maintenance checks: 1. Check the emergency stop switch can cut off the motor power supply. 2. Check the central lubrication system is working properly. Keep the injection molding machine and surroundings clean. 3. Keep electronic ruler and Rod clean. Check the temperature and the heating cylinder is working properly. 4. Check the security door protection device is functioning properly. 5. Check whether the pump working pressure is too high. (System pressure 140bar). 6. Install mold stability on the head Board and mobile template. 7. Check whether the pressure oil temperature is too high. Weekly inspection: 1. Repeat for some checks. 2. Check for loose proximity switch and stroke switch position. 3. Check for oil leakage in the fuselage sections. 4. Tighten loose mechanical components. 5. Check that the pressure within the fuel tank oil capacity is sufficient. 6. Check whether the safety devices correctly. Monthly checks: 1. Repeat for some checks. 2. Check the electrical components are loose. 3. Check if the pressure oil is contaminated, clean or replace the oil screen in the box. 4. In the adjustment screw by adding grease. 5. Checking electronic board for linear scaling, and readjust if necessary. 6. Check the template of parallelism and perpendicularity with the Lin Zhu is over the standard.