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K-II Chain Block, Up Quality
- Jun 13, 2018 -

K-II Chain Block

Features and Advantages

  1. Automatic Double Pawl Braking System

  2. Asbestos Free Friction Disc

  3. Industrial Powder Coating meet RoHS requirement

  4. 1500 Cycles life test, Meet JBT7334, EN13157, ANSI B30.16, AS1418 Standards

Large Throat Opening Hook             Bottom Hook with Swivel Bearing

     QQ截图20180613105338.png                            QQ截图20180613105346.png

Heavy Duty Cast Latches                  Casting End Stop

     QQ截图20180613105354.png                             QQ截图20180613105403.png

Captured Bearing


Optional Features with Extra Cost

Independent Overload Protection System        Fused brake Disc

 QQ截图20180613105428.png                                            QQ截图20180613105435.png