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How And What Are The Common Classification Match Of Grab Crane
- Feb 13, 2017 -

1. grab the specific classification, its common, what is? Specific categories for grab, its more common, in particular for: grab if it divides according to the shape, can be divided into bell-shaped grab and orange petal grabs the two categories, the differences between them, mainly in shape and composition. In addition, if a way to drive, will be used to grab hydraulic grab and machine the two, except that the use of hydraulics. 2. What is a hanging grab? Hanging grab also grab one of which is mainly used to grab a variety of loose debris. If it was used on a crane, so that is for only cranes of lifting reel. In terms of specific material, slag and ash. In the main part, hooks, springs and slide, as well as these have, is indispensable.