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Grabs Can Be Derived Which Difficult And Important
- Feb 13, 2017 -

1. traffic grab, which belongs to grab, or others? Lane grabs, defines it as: through the jaw and open and close to capture a kind of lifting and unloading bulk materials. Can see from the definition, it belongs to the lifting of this category. For grab, we should be aware of is that it can rope and rope, as well as motor grab three. Among them, the rope is more commonly used. 2. grab the Bell grab and orange petal grabs, how to judge? In addition, the grab is closed, the contact gap, are there requirements? Want to distinguish grab of Bell-shaped grab and orange petal grabs, are easy to distinguish from the appearance can be. Because bell-shaped grab is formed by two full buckets. Orange petal grabs, is made up of three and above the jaw. So, in appearance, they are not the same. As for the grab bucket of the contact gap, no specific requirements are determined in accordance with specific conditions.