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Description Sling Accessories With The Purchase Of Specific Requirements
- Feb 13, 2017 -

1. in slings, lifting Sling end fittings are there? In addition, for rigging accessories, what does it have? Slings, lifting sling in this category, on the end-fittings, is mainly a hook, such as rings and shackles. Sling as a whole, the kinds of accessories on it, other than the hooks, rings, shackles, and wire ropes, chains, such as, are also used. 2. in small light lifting devices, whether there is a sling that category? For sling without a tag, can I use? Small light lifting device, is a sling that kind of, but also more common. Unmarked slings, is determined to not use. And, even if it is marked Sling, in its use, but also need to periodically check to find problems and solve problems in a timely manner.