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Correct Understanding Of The Concept And The Scope Of How The Cable
- Feb 13, 2017 -

1. wire rope, slings? Lifting operations, the sling suspension point, what is? Wire rope there is rigging, we call its Sling. Moreover, in addition to this, as well as wire rope slings. In General, lifting operations, is provides rigging suspension angle not less than 45 degrees. 2. on the sling, what are the considerations? And, the electrical and mechanical hoisting and rigging in the technology, mainly include what? Considerations on the rigging, in general terms, there are loads, dimensions, weight, lifting methods such as these. Also, for those you listed, in the process, is to be considered. Meanwhile, there are work requirements, working conditions and so on, should also not be ignored. However, in terms of overall requirements, require sufficient capacity and to meet the requirements for use. The electrical and mechanical services in crane technology, referred to in the rigging, in terms of specific species, include wire rope, pulley, winch and balance beams four, will be indispensable. So, on our awareness, can't go wrong, and do not leave out any one.