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What is a matter of lifting tools
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Lifting gear, to date, by learning all you can say is no stranger, but to fully understand, also needs to continue its efforts, because it does not meet this requirement, which means that we have no room for complacency. So, based on this, and today to update the article, just to do it, we can continue, so that you can continue to harvest and progress. Question 1: lifting tools, what is mainly used for? Lifting gear, which is mainly used to carry items, can also be used to transport bulk materials. Question 2: small light lifting device in lifting gear, what are the main advantages? Small light lifting device in lifting gear, its main advantage is a small volume, light weight, and easy to use. Therefore, it is mainly used in some hard situations. Question 3: lifting gear, which is more commonly used? Lifting gear, lifting tackle is one of the more common, it can call the hand chain hoist or crane hoist.