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The Application precaution and Maintenance of chain block and lever hoist
- Dec 13, 2017 -


Chain block and Lever Block is a portable lifting device easily 

operated by manpower. It is widely used in factories, mines, 

petro, marine, electricity, farms, construction sites, agriculture 

and in wharfs, docks where no power supply is available. It can 

be attached to a trolley of any type such as monorail overhead 

and jib crane. 


Visually inspect the hoist for damage or faults prior to use.

Never shock load the chain block.

Never exceed the rated capacity.

Do not use the load chain as a sling.

Do not use more than one hoist to lift or move a load. 

Do not use the hoist if the chain is twisted, kinked or damaged.

Do not operate the hoist unless the load is centered between 

the top and bottom hook.

Never use the hoist if either hook is stretched, deformed, 

damaged or has a broken or missing safety latch.

Do not use the hoist to lift people or load over people.


Check hooks and hook latches for deformation or cracks. 

Twisted hooks or hooks with throat openings more than the 

reject openings should be replaced.

Check chain for wear and twist.

Proper lubrication with machine oil is necessary to increase the 

life of the chain. Lubrication should be done based on usage 

and on a regular basis. It may be necessary on a weekly basis 

for heavy use or monthly if used less often.