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- Dec 16, 2017 -

Lifting chain is also called lifting chain sling, lifting short link chain, it is 

composed of short chain links welded with round steel bar, and goes through 

full heat treatment and test. The lifting chain has the advantages of high 

strength, wear resistance, light weight. With strict quality assurance during 

manufacturing process,it conforms to the manufacturing standards, and 

ensure impact force, bearing capacity, tenacity and elongation of the lifting 

chain,which greatly improve its security and service life.

Usage and scope of application:  the length of lifting chain can be adjusted 

according to hoisting height of the load is essential for the crane, and the 

important fetch device plays an important role in improving operation 

efficiency and expanding work scope of the crane. It is mainly used to hoist 

and other lifting equipment, is one of the important hoisting rigging in lifting 

and traction operation. It is now widely used in the manufacturing, mining, 

transportation and other fields.