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Increased recognition of lifting gear and its problems
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Lifting tools, in simple terms, is a tool that is able to work intermittently, and lifting tools. Further, it can be said that it is a lifting or lifting material handling tools. Then, for it, is the site products, we should also carry out their learning? To solve this problem, we all want to know, here small series to give specific answers. Lifting tools, its work cycle, which is specific for: lifting gear lifting, after feeding, began the working stroke of vertical and horizontal or vertical. When it reached the destination, to uninstall, then air travel back to unloading point, which comes complete with a working cycle. Issue: lifting tools, small light lifting tools, what are its main? Answer: lifting tools, small light lifting tools, which mainly include hoists, slings, jacks, hand chain hoists, electric hoists, the permanent magnet hoisting machine, as well as ordinary winch.