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- Dec 14, 2017 -

1. Cylinder selection

First of all, you must know the weight you need to rise, select the 

cylinder which capacity at least should be 1.2 times of the lifting 


In addition, pay attention to some special jacking point, may 

require higher capacity cylinder.

2.Must know how to use hydraulic tools

Before use, be sure to check the integrity of the accessories, if 

damaged or lost, you must immediately replaced or supplyment 

with the accessories.

3. Operation Manual

Before use, be sure to read and understand the operating manual 

in detail, and absolutely prohibit any way to remove the warning 

signs on the hydraulic tools,

if warning signs are damaged or lost, should immediately fill up. 

When operating the hydraulic tool, be sure to wear protective 

equipment such as goggles, safety gloves, work clothes and so on.

4.  all the bottom of the cylinder must be sure to really support 

in use

All cylinders or hydraulic systems, its bottem must be supported 

with a strong and non-sliding base in use.

5.When the plunger of the cylinder is completely retracted, the 

hydraulic oil then can be added

When add the hydraulic oil for the cylinder, can not exceed the 

maximum capacity recommended; cylinder hydraulic oil to add, be 

sure to completely retreat in the case of the plunger can be added.

6. Lifted from the centerline of the cylinder

The load object must be placed in the cylinder center line or a 

number of cylinder equally distributed of the weight. If partial use, 

it's very easy to cause the object falling and carrying capacity 


7. When use multiple cylinder, weights must be in average

When using multiple cylinders, it is necessary to confirm the 

number of jackets and cylinders required to ensure an even 

distribution of the load. This situation is called "balanced bearing", 

the size of the object, the center of gravity and geometric bearing 

must be carefully considered and calculated in order to achieve the 

correct balance

8.Support the object when it was raised; 

Support the object when it was raised; With the increase in height, 

please also increase the height of the fixed support, while in the 

fixed support space, you must empty all the other objects, and pay 

attention to the hand or other parts, do not put them between the 

object and the fixed support.

9. Can not use the cylinder as permanent support

The design of the cylinder is suitable for controlling the lifting 

height of the load, not for permanent support purposes. If you need 

to support the carrier for a period of time, 

be sure to use a fixed support.

10. Avoid heat and welding Mars

Explosive generated by the Mars, will cause the cylinder seal and 

tubing damage. At the same time high fever, may also cause the 

evaporation of hydraulic oil and explosion