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- Dec 19, 2017 -

Inspect chain before each use. Between regular inspections visually check on 

a daily basis the following:

Clean chain before inspection using a non-caustic/non-acid solvent

Lubrication of the chain may be necessary if it binds up or is noisy

Chain feeds smoothly into and from the hoist and does not emit cracking 

noise when hoisting a load.

Visually examine link by link for any nicks, gouges, weld splatter, corrosion or 

distorted links, pay close attention to chain's contact points, which may show 

excessive wear.

Test hoist with load and observe operation of chain over load sheaves

It must remember to add lubricating oil to the lifting chain in time when in 

use. Lubricating oil must enter the clearance between the roller and inner 

sleeve to improve working conditions to reduce wear.